Rihanna Paying MILLIONS To Settle Lawsuit … Pay Off Accuser & Keep Baby Daddy A$AP Out Of Prison!!

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A$AP Rocky is facing up to 20 years in prison after one of his former friends told police that Rihanna’s baby father shot him. And his billionaire baby’s mama may be preparing to spend her hard earned money to keep him FREE.

Media Take Out spoke with multiple people with FIRST HAND knowledge on the incident, and they tell us that there is a good chance that A$AP could avoid jail time. According to the insiders, he’ll avoid jail time IF his babys mother Rihanna coughs up MILLIONS of dollars to the accuser.

Rapper ASAP Rocky pleaded not guilty to charges of felony assault with a firearm stemming from a 2021 confrontation in Hollywood, last week.

He is accused of drawing a gun and firing it twice in the direction of a former friend during an argument in November. He is charged with two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and was ordered to return to court Nov. 2. If found guilty, he faces as much as 20 years behind bars.

But prosecutors need the testimony of his accuser to send him to prison. And the accuser is currently suing A$AP, and asking for millions of dollars simultaneously.

According to legal documents obtained by Media Take Out, Rocky’s former friend A$AP Relli — real name Terell Ephron — filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Court claiming A$AP Rocky — real name Rakim Mayers — intended to cause him “severe emotional distress or otherwise knew or should have known [Ephron] would suffer severe emotional distress.”

In the lawsuit, Ephron claims that on Nov. 6, 2021, Rocky contacted him and requested they meet at an unnamed location in Hollywood. Ephron claims that, after they met, a verbal altercation ensued, which escalated when Rocky allegedly pulled out a handgun and “purposefully pointed it” in Ephron’s direction. The plaintiff claims that, while in “close proximity,” Rocky fired multiple shots. Ephron claims that, in that moment, he was in “immediate fear for his life.”

As a result of the shooting, Ephron claims he was “struck by bullet projectile/fragments which required [Ephron] to seek necessary medical attention.”

So what does RIHANNA and her MILLIONS have to do with all this. Well Media Take Out confirmed that A$AP and his accuser are in active negotiation to settle the lawsuit – for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

And assuming the two come to a settlement, A$AP will go free. And according to our insiders, Rihanna is willing to spend ANY AMOUNT to keep her babys father out of prison.

One insider told Media Take Out, “This case is going to settle, Rihanna is paying whatever she needs to to keep [her] babys father out of prison.”

In A$AP’s case, Media Take Out confirmed that the victim’s testimony is central to the success of the prosecution, and a pretrial settlement will likely undermine the enforcement of law. A$AP’s legal team can use the pretrial settlement to influence the complainant not to cooperate with the prosecution.

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