Ricky Martin’s Nephew Walks Back On Incest Claims

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Ricky Martin’s nephew has withdrawn the protection order against him after claiming he was being harassed by the star.

According to police spokesperson Axel Valencia, the order will be “archived” since there “is nothing criminal” pending against Martin.

“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with deep mental health challenges,” attorney Marty Singer said on Monday before the order was revoked. “Ricky Martin has, of course, never been — and would never be — involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

According to Puerto Rican news website El Vocero, a man took out a restraining order against the star. The man claimed he had dated the singer for 7 months.

“[Ricky] calls him frequently. In addition, the petitioner has seen him hanging around his residence on at least three occasions,” the docs read. “The petitioner fears for his safety.”

The man is reported to be his nephew.

Ricky Martin has always denied the allegations against him.

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