Rick Ross Tells Jada Pinkett Smith To “Chill Out”

Lyndon Abioye |

Jada Pinkett is still promoting her memoir, Worthy, but Rick Ross thinks it’s time for her to chill.

 “I don’t think I agree with Jada Pinkett. To me, she’s psychologically lost and needs some counseling. Jesus! What are you going to tell us next? When you tell us you haven’t been together in six years, you haven’t had sex in this many years, you don’t have a prenuptial agreement…OK, what’s next?” he said.

Worthy sold just 2,700 copies on, reaching number 3 on Amazon’s most-read books chart for the week of October 22.

“No one cares. That’s what they don’t understand. Sometimes as celebrities you can get out of touch. Will Smith isn’t the same Will Smith as he was 20 years ago. Jada Pinkett … come on, Jada! Chill out, baby! You were in the movie Set It Off, and that’s all we know you from. You got $15K for that role and that’s it. Calm down,” Ross said.

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