Rick Ross SLAMMED Over Car Show…Attendees Demand REFUNDS!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rick Ross and his third annual Car & Bike Show faced backlash after attendees were unhappy with the event.

Rozay held the Rick Ross Car & Bike Show at his The Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Ga and more than 12,000 people attended to see the vast collection of cars, but did not think it was worth the money.

Fans says they had to wait for long periods of time and some say they could not even get into the event even though they had tickets.

“Highly disappointed after driving over 15 hours and paying for tickets and hotel could t even get in,” one fan wrote on Instagram in the comments section.

Another wrote, “Man 5000 of us was stuck at shuttles and missed the whole show! It was a vibe once we got there but our energy was gone bc the check in process killed a lot of us off! To have to wait over 3 hrs was KRAZY! Man your planning committee dropped the ball with us and I really felt sorry for the ones who flew in and still couldn’t get in! This one hurt a lot of us BOSS! You still the biggest but I really felt like a Poohput begging to get in a club or something! Feelings was too hurt frfr”

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