Rick Ross Shows Off $20 Million Watch!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rick Ross is not shy about being rich and on social media, he showed off his new watch.

The Jacob the Jeweler watch cost $20 million and took a long time to make, says Rozay.

“I’m excited. It’s amazing. And just thanks for getting it to the city for me to try on. This is the billionaire,” he said, giving fans a close look at the timepiece.

“From my perspective, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful moment. This is an amazing timepiece. It took over three and a half years to collect the stones. These are not emerald green stones. These are Tsavorites. This cannot be duplicated. This cannot be replicated,” he added.

Last week, Rozay trended on the blogs after revealing that he paid a stunt double just $300 to jump off a bridge in his “Spendin'” video.

“Right behind me is the world-famous [bridge] that it look like Rozay jumped off in that DJ Khaled video. But just for the record, the homie that jumped off for me, he a real G,” “He did it for $300. You feel me?” he said.

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