Rick Ross Says He Doesn’t Believe In ‘Hand Outs’

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Rick Ross doesn’t believe in handouts and says begging is not the way to get rich.

“I already know how it go. That’s why I go hard, because I know how it go. You could be in a room full of the wealthiest mutherf-ckas in the world and tell them, ‘I have nothing, I’m hungry.’ And they’re going to look at you and say, ‘Well what the f-ck are you doing standing next to me begging? Why the f-ck aren’t you working?'”

He continued: ‘” What the f-ck have you established? What have you done with yourself since the f-cking beginning of time? Where’s your brother, where’s your mother, where’s your father, where’s your f-ckin’ kinfolk? You don’t have any friends? You don’t have anything to establish yourself or worth something in anyone’s life?’ That’s what they’re going to tell you. So, if you think begging is going to get you something, you f-cked up.”

Is he right?

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