Rick Ross Responds To Turk’s ‘Drink Champs’ Episode

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Rick Ross has responded to comments Turk made about him in his recent Drink Champs interview.

“Rick Ross ain’t reach out to me since I’ve been home,” Turk on the podcast. “I’ve been home since 2012 and I’m in Atlanta, n-gga. Matter of fact, I go hunting and fishing down your block. Holla at me, fat boy.”

Rozay responded on Live.

“One of my homeboys just sent me a clip of the dude Turk talking on N.O.R.E. show. Now, Turk, I don’t know you personally. Your brother is the one who said you was a punk, personally. I spoke on your hustle and the work you put in, brother. That’s what I mention your name for, brother. Not letting the streets forget your name. I was really making that song based around my brother from 305 MI-Yayo and what he experienced with the n-gga Birdman. Not you, homie. I kept your name alive, n-gga.”

He continued, “They said you did a bunch of things. I didn’t get into that. Now, you been out 10 years, you want to see Rozay, n-gga. You could come to the muthaf-ckin’…say you fish behind The Promised Land. Pull up there, n-gga. I’ll tell ’em to let you in so you could some look at Rozay in the eyes, baby. In 10 years, you should’ve pulled up to one of the venues, baby. Come holla at Rozay.”

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