Rick Ross Reacts To DJ Envy & Cesar Pina Scam Allegations

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Rick Ross has reacted to the news that DJ Envy’s business partner, Cesar Pina, has been accused by several clients of running a real estate scam.

DJ Envy has not been implicated AT ALL in any of the allegations against his partner Cesar, but that hasn’t stopped Rick Ross from creating a false negative narrative around the popular Breakfast Club DJ.

After clients claimed they’d lost huge some of money (one client as much as $1 million,) DJ Envy denied any knowledge of any foul play. Pina denied the allegations and even publicly apologized to Envy and made it clear that The Breakfast Club host was not involved.

“It’s not a secret that my relationship with DJ Envy extends beyond the turntables and into the real estate market. However, it’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question. I’m sorry to my wife, my family, DJ Envy and Envy’s entire family. I love you guys and I’m sorry that individuals with nothing to lose are trying to bring you down,” Pina posted on social media.

Rick Ross posted a video of himself alongside Envy’s real estate rival, Tony The Closer…seemingly a jab at Envy.

Will these two ever squash their beef?

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