Rick Ross’ GF Cristina Mackey Says To Keep Calling Her A “Pick-Me”

Lyndon Abioye |

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross’ new girlfriend is not popular with the fans and after throwing shade at his previous relationship with Pretty Vee, she was called a “pick me.”

But Cristina wants fans to continue calling her that.

“Please keep calling me a pick-me…I’m asking you to refer to me as a pick-me. I prefer it,” she said in the clip.

“All you’re doing is manifesting that up with me,” she continued. “I want to get picked over and over and over…by the same man a million times. I want to marry that man. I want to have that man’s children, and I want to live a happy life because he keeps picking me, and I keep picking him.”

Cristina claimed in an interview that Pretty Vee did not have what she now has with the rapper. Fans roasted her in response.

“If I’m a pick-me, he’s a pick-me, and we getting chose together,” she added.

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