Rick Ross Encourages Neighbors To Make Money Off His Upcoming Car Show

Lyndon Abioye |

Rick Ross’ neighbors do not want his upcoming car show to happen but the rapper says they need to think differently about it…and they should use his show to make some money for themselves.

“You know what we did to the financial literacy of the community — not just Fayette, not just Fulton…it goes around. These Airbnbs going through the roof. It’s gon’ be more gas sold on June 3 than y’all sold in six months. Y’all gotta think of the financial literacy that Rozay bringing to the table,” he said.

“It ain’t too late to print your signs. The closer you are to the Promise Land, charge ’em $100 a parking spot. The further you are, charge ’em $50. Come on y’all. Y’all wanna make some money or not? We got car washes coming out here, we feeding a lot of people.”

Rozay is determined to move forward with the show even though he was denied a permit.

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