Rick Ross DRAGS Baby Mama Over Botched Surgery

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Rick Ross clapped back at his baby mama Tia Kemp…alleging she’s had some botched surgery.

Tia made remarks about Rozay’s alleged upcoming urologist appointment after his new girlfriend Cristina Mackey shaded all of his exes in a recent interview and then doubled down on Instagram Live.

“I want to know what’s going on with you? Why you going to see a urologist?” she asked. “Is you getting ding dings extensions?”

Rozay then slapped her with a cease and desist. Tia says the rapper can take her to court because he has allegedly defamed her numerous times in public.

“He defamed me and my family for for years!” Kemp captioned one of the posts. “F-ck all yall! Sue ME! I’m poor! and I got texts and dms,” she added.

In the clip, Rozay mocks her alleged surgery.

“Every time you get on TikTok, I know you see a new release from Tia. But, listen, we all gotta imagine what she’s going through. She’s going through a lot. Her mother, who’s a 30-year reoccurring crack addict, she’s back addicted, and Tia’s dealing with it. She not living with Tia. Tia say moms [is] with the sister that has a job. They don’t have the best relationship, but she’s helping her mom, and Tia’s helping her mom. So, that’s why you won’t see me cut her IG page off or none of that, because you gotta let her express herself. So, let’s not take any of that personal. Let’s wish her mother Sabrina the best and just hope she fights the addiction,” he said.

In another clip, he added, “Tia’s sister Ebony told me about that botched surgery, but you’re gonna get over it, you’re gonna heal. I ain’t gonna lie, we laughed about that for a little while.”

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