Rick Ross’ Daughter ROASTS Tia Kemp

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rick Ross’ daughter hopped on social media to drag Tia Kemp for her attacks on the rapper.

Tia Kemp accused Toie Roberts’ of having a fake diploma.

“Hoes don’t know there’s a difference between a GED and actual diploma,” she said, adding that Toie’s degree can be purchased on Amazon.

“A realtor that never sold sh-t, ain’t got no HOUSE to your name, living in [an] apartment in MY aunty name that you not paying your rent for,” she wrote. “That’s why they had [an] eviction notice on your door last week, and ya lights off??? Is the REALTOR in the room with us??? B-tch, I’m the same LASH TECH you was BEGGING to do your lashes right before my daddy kicked yo a-s to the curb. Must I remind you, crackhead?”

Rozay sent a cease and desist to Tia and threatened to sue. She claims she does not care about a lawsuit as she has receipts.

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