Rick Ross Addresses Tyreek Hill Comments…”I Wasn’t Picking On You”

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Rick Ross responded to Tyreek Hill saying he can’t “vibe” with the Florida rapper anymore after he filmed Hill’s house burning down and did not check on him to make sure he was okay.

“Tyreek Hill, I wasn’t picking on you, homie. I wasn’t picking on you at all. First of all, I’m assuming you’re an all-pro, wealthy, great homeowners insurance, who’s gonna get new porcelain floors, marble walls, pillars. So, it ain’t nothing to pick on you about. More importantly, your beautiful mother and your family was straight. I didn’t film none of them, homie. And lets not act like I’m the one that premiered the fire to the world. It was five helicopters circling over your crib, and my crib,” said Rozay.

Tyreek was upset as Rozay not only filmed his house going up in flames but he also promoted his WingStop franchise.

“They said it was a minor fire… That’s right across the street from one of my homes. I ain’t trippin’ long as everybody safe. That’s more important than my lemon pepper wings, my ranch dressing, and my roasted corn, trust me,” he said while filming the disaster.

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