Rich Homie Quan Offers $1M To Anyone Who Can PROVE He’s A SNITCH!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rich Homie Quan is tired of the snitch rumors and is offering a reward to anybody who can provide evidence that he’s ever told.

“Did I snitch? N-gga, my name ain’t even on no paperwork, bro,” he said. “Suck my…did you suck one? Get you up outta here man. Find my name on this paperwork, right here, and I’ll give you a million dollars. We could trade [Instagram] Lives,” he said.

In 2015, the feds raided Young Thug’s home. Thugger was arrested on multiple charges but Quan walked away with a much lighter sentence causing fans to believe to rolled on Thugger.

Quan previously denied snitching in a recent interview.

“I need to address these rumors head-on. I didn’t snitch on anyone, and I never cooperated with the police. I’ve always stood by the principles of loyalty and integrity,” he said.

Thugger is currently behind bars awaiting his RICO trial. Fans are hoping he will soon be a free man.

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