‘RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Blasts Heather Gay For Refollowing Her After Jen Shah’s Prison Sentence

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RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose put Heather Gay on blast after she immediately re-followed her on social media following Jen Shah’s prison sentencing.

“So, I get refollowed yesterday after her ride-or-die was sentenced yesterday…WILD!” Whitney tweeted.

Whitney and Heather, who are cousins, have fallen out over Heather’s friendship with Jen. Heather even took a “friend break” from Whitney during a difficult period of healing. Heather has been trying to repair their relationship but says she does not know how to.

“The way that it just disappeared overnight, I feel like our friendship just went up in smoke and I’m not sure how to repair that,” Heather told US Weekly. “I still don’t even really understand what I’m doing wrong and, like, how to fix it. I think that I’ve been really frustrated, and I’ve done things that are out of character for me when I get really frustrated and kind of pushed to my limit,” Heather told the outlet.

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