‘RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Claims She KNEW She Would Be Exposed

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Monica Garcia was exposed as @RealityVonTeese during the finale of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but she claims she knew it would all come out.

“Oh, I knew it was going to come out, 100 percent,” she told The Cut. “What I wasn’t prepared for — and why you see I’m so shocked — was for my ex-best friend to give them a bunch of other information.”

“I truly did not think it was going to be a big deal. This was a bigger deal than Jen getting arrested and going to prison. It’s comical, in a sense, that they are more upset at me about a snark page than they are about someone scamming elderly people out of millions of dollars,” she added.

Monica will not be filming with the other ladies when the next season begins, but a showrunner revealed she might return once things have settled.

Monica says she was being her true self on the show.

“You did see a lot of the real Monica during the season. You saw me battling with being new in the group and feeling insecure about that when it came to the purse and trying to fit in with these women,” she said. “Whitney and I actually had a really great moment in Bermuda that wasn’t shared on-camera, but she was having a rough time with the passing of her friend and we ended up spending the night together comforting each other in my bed. I think there were a lot of very real moments throughout the season, and there were a lot of moments that I wish I could have done differently or changed.”

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