‘RHOP’s Mia Thornton: Bravo Will Have To Fire Me For Me To Leave The Show!!

Fans grew concerned that Mia Thornton was planning on leaving the show after she posted a cryptic message on her social media.

“My actions toward Wendy was intolerable. It’s unfortunate that you will attack my family, friends, and my businesses based on an edited tv show. While I was committed to drama and entertainment I must do what’s best for [my] brand & partners. Much love, Mia.”

Mia faced backlash after throwing a drink in Wendy Osefo’s face. The action made Wendy’s mother so mad that she dragged her on social media.

Mia knows what she did was wrong but says if Bravo wants her out… they’re going to have to fire her!

“I, by all means, wouldn’t go to social media to announce that I’m leaving the show, right? But I was making an announcement that I just don’t have time to feed into everyone’s comment and opinions because I have to do what’s best my businesses, my partners, my investors, my kids, my family, my friends who are all heavily affected. You know, just because I can accept public scrutiny — I signed up for it, right? — doesn’t necessarily make it fair for people to go out and attack my partners. I have to do what’s best for them because that’s just the type of person that I am, and I just don’t think it’s fair,” Mia told HollywoodLife.

She added, “[Bravo’s] going to have to fire me [for me to leave the show].”

Bravo has not publicly reacted to her statement.

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