‘RHOP’s Ashley Darby Doesn’t Believe Juan Dixon’s Excuse For Alleged Cheating

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Ashley Darby says she’s not buying Juan Dixon’s cover story about why he was caught at a hotel with another woman.

According to Juan, he was helping out a friend who needed a place to stay. Viewers aren’t believing his excuse.

“I don’t believe that and I’ve told Robyn that, very clearly, there’s more to the story, but I think Robyn told us what she believes,” Ashley said on WWHL. “[But] as she said, she believes Juan and he wouldn’t lie about this…”

The Housewives have been surprised about the way Robyn has been handling the cheating rumors. Robyn has been holding it together and telling her friends everything is fine…which they also don’t believe.

“I think Robyn operates a little bit on autopilot because she feels like she’s been under so much speculation and so much attack so she has this ‘I don’t give a…’ all the time,” said Ashley.

Robyn’s bestie, Gizelle Bryant, also does not believe Juan’s story.

“I think Robyn is so immersed in it, and that is the father of her children, that’s her husband, she loves him, which I respect, and Gizelle being her friend cares about her but also maybe sees some signs that she experienced in her previous relationship,” she explained.

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