‘RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Accused Of STALKING His Ex

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Luis Ruelas’ ex-fiance, Vanessa Reiser, has filed a restraining order against him, claiming that he hired someone to allegedly “stalk her.”

Vanessa, a licensed therapist, alleges she found out one of her female patients was likely hired to “spy” on her.

Speaking to Page Six, Vanessa’s attorney, Douglas Anton, said that in February, she began seeing a new female patient who would repeatedly ask questions about her relationship with Luis during their sessions.

Vanessa says that she did not begin to get suspicions until one of the prepaid cards the patient used for payment was declined. When she eventually decided to take legal action after being unable to collect payment for 30 days, her attorney discovered the woman had used a fake name,

Luis Ruelas’ former fiance Vanessa Reiser

She was later discovered to have been an employee of private investigator Bo Dietl… one of Luis’ “best friends.”

A source told the outlet that Luis did hire Bo to protect him and his family.

“Bo Dietl’s company was hired to protect Mr. Ruelas and his family, which now includes a total of six children, from individuals who posed a threat to their well-being,” the insider spilled.

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