Reza Farahan Was About To Ask For A Raise Before Finding Out ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Was Canceled

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Reza Farahan says he had no idea Shahs of Sunset was about to be canceled, and even prepared to ask for a raise.

“On February 9, we had a Zoom. Literally I was like locked and loaded with ratings. I was gonna ask for a raise,” Reza said on Side Piece With Melissa Pfeister podcast. “And they were just like, ‘Oh.’ … They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, sorry [there’ve been] counters but there’s this other thing.”

He said at first, producers just claimed that the show was on pause. 

“TMZ did an article because, you know, [Mike Shouhed] had some issues legally… An article came out that said Shahs of Sunset was canceled. So I’m feeling like, you know, they weren’t really upfront with us,” said Reza. 

He is still hoping for a return to reality television.

“We did shoot this other thing that TMZ reported about. We did some sort of other show with me, Golnesa, and MJ. We filmed one pilot and I think they have now an obscene amount of time to decide whether or not they wanna roll with it,” he added.

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