REPORT: Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Split … Rocky Could Get $100M Child Support Package!

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There’s an explosive new report circulating online, that is claiming that Rihanna and A$AP have allegedly split. If true the ramifications of the split would be BLOCKBUSTER …. and could prove to be the messiest unwinding of a relationship since Britney Spears and ex Kevin Federline.

ASAP Rocky

First off, Media Take Out can neither confirm nor deny the reports – as we don’t yet have enough information to independently corroborate the report’s validity. But we can TELL YOU that we have been hearing strong rumors, from people close to the couple – that A$AP and Rihanna are officially MARRIED.

The reports was first published on the website Sandra Rose, which wrote, “Rihanna and her husband, rapper A$AP Rocky are “taking a break” from each other. Rihanna was seen dining alone at San Vincent’s Bungalow Club in West Hollywood on Halloween night, Oct. 31.”

The report continued, “A confidential source says Rihanna had a quiet dinner alone after she and A$AP decided to give each other a break. The pop singer was dressed in leather pants and a leather coat. She looked sad as she left the restaurant alone and walked to her car.”

Rihanna is sitting on a nearly one billion dollar fortune – and given that the couple share two children together, any type of breakup would be extremely expensive for Rihanna.

The most expensive child support payment in history belongs to Charlie Sheen – who is worth MUCH LESS than Rihanna. Charlie pays $150,000 a month per child or nearly $2M a year per kid for 18 years. In all he’s on the hook for $72 MILLION over the course of his children’s life.

A$AP may be entitled to even more than that. possibly as much as $100M, Media Take Out has learned, in the event of a split with Rihanna.

She better find a way to get back together with him …. it;’s cheaper to KEEP HIM!!

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