Remy Ma & Papoose DRAMA! She’s NOT Wearing Wedding Ring … Didn’t Post Him On Father’s Day!

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The drama between hip hop legendary couple Papoose and Remy Ma is heating up. As Media Take Out reported, Papoose reportedly punched a battle rapper named Eazy The Block Captain, during a battle rap event this weekend.

The internet is filled with rumors surrounding the dispute – with many claiming (without evidence) that Eazy was having some type of romantic relationship with Remy Ma. Media Take Out has found absolutely NO evidence supporting this speculation, however.

But social media is going wild, after a video showing Remy Ma and Eazy on a local New York TV station – where the two seemed to be really close. Twitter claims that they see some “chemistry” between the two.

Well the story gets deeper. Media Take Out learned that there may be some cracks in the marriage of Remy and Papoose. We confirm that in Remy’s most recent Instagram post she is NOT wearing her wedding ring.

And there’s more. Remy did not wish her husband Papoose a happy Father’s Day on Sunday – even though she did so last year and the year before.

Here’s the video of Remy and Eazy that has the internet whispering. Do you see any chemistry?

And here is the video of Remy – from her latest Ig post, with no wedding ring:

And here’s Remy’s Father’s Day post to Papoose from last year. There was no Instagram post for her husband this year.

We really hope that everything is OK with Remy and Pap … we can’t afford to lose our fave Black Love couple . . .

Here’s a battle rapper, who knows all those involved, giving his take on what he thinks happened”

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