Remy Ma: Civilians CAN Be SNITCHES!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Remy Ma disagrees that civilians cannot be snitches… according to Remy, a snitch is a snitch.

“I don’t discriminate,” she told Tami Roman during The Breakfast Club. “There’s no, ‘Oh you’re a civilian.’ If you’re telling on someone, you’re telling. You’re cooperating. That’s just that. And I feel like a lot of times, people be like, ‘Well they’re a civilian!’ If you a civilian, stay hanging with civilians and be around civilians. Don’t be a civilian and hang out with people that are like that. Don’t do it. But then you try to justify what you did because ‘Y’all know I wasn’t really like that!’”

She continued: “And the people that y’all… this is what y’all do and y’all in that line of work, keep these people that’s really not built like that away from you because when the pressure’s on, they gon’ fold. And I blame both parties. You shouldn’t have been hanging with them and you shouldn’t have had them around you. You have to protect yourself. And I tell anybody that because I can’t tell people how to live. You don’t know what their situation is.”

Remy added that people needed to be careful about who they allow into their circle because loyalty can be hard to come by.

Is she right?

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