Remember The CLERMONT Twins … Beautiful Girls w/ Too Much Surgery – Well They Fell OFF!!

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Remember Shannon and Shannade Clermont, the beautiful twin girls from the Bard Girls Club. They’re probably best known for their DRAMATIC plastic surgeries.

Each lady has undergone a reported 10 different surgeries – on their face and their body.

This is what the ladies looked like just two years ago – a little too much surgery, but still beautiful.

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Well the gals had a few too many surgeries, cause now they are looking CRAZY. Here’s them at the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris yesterday.

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Shannon and Shannade Clermont, known as the Clermont twins, are models, fashion designers, and television personalities. They received media attention from their appearances on the fourteenth season of the reality television series Bad Girls Club in 2015, and have since developed an extensive online and social media presence.

Shannade was arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud on July 11, 2018. She was not suspected for involvement in the death of Manhattan-based real estate broker James Alesi. However, she was investigated after Alesi’s account information was connected to purchases and money transfers made by Clermont after his death.

She pleaded guilty in November, and was sentenced to one year in prison in April 2019, and was released early on March 9, 2020.

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