Remember That Meme Girl w/ The LONG NECK … Well Nabria Jackson’s NOW A BADDIE!! (Pics)

Tiffany Brockworth |

Everyone in the world has seen the popular meme, which shows a long necked middle schooler – looking confused. Well Media Take Out caught up with the young lady, who is named Nabria Jackson. She’s now 19 years old – and she looks much much different. In fact she’s a BADDIE.

Nabria explained that the meme picture was taken during a food fight at her middle school cafeteria. Nabria was confused why kids were throwing food at each other, and she made the expression that made her famous.

Within a day, the picture went viral – and it traveled half way across the globe.

She was initially so embarrassed by the images that she stayed off of social media. But eventually, as she grew into the beautiful woman that she is now – she changed her mind.

Now Nabria is on TikTok, and she has millions of followers. She’s also a college student, and working hard to get her degree.

We’re so happy that she turned out great. Here are some recent pictures of the gorgeous Nabria.

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