Reality Star Rollie From BADDIES EAST, Who Weight 250 lbs, Says The Gym Is For Broke People!

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Rollie from the reality show Baddies East is telling women that going to the gym is for “broke” people. According to Rollie, if you want your dream body – surgery is the way to go.

In the below video, which was reviewed by Media Take Out, at 09:20 Rollie discusses getting Lipo/tummy tuck and a “back lift.” What in GIOD’S NAMW is a back lift???

Anyway, Rollie says that she’s not done getting surgery. The beautiful reality starlet says next year she will be getting her br**sts reduced significantly and then get impl*nts.

She says she is down to eating just a few tacos a day and has been losing weight.

And for all you ladies who think that going to the gym is the way to go ROLLIE HAS SOME WORDS FOR YOU.

In a recent Live, she told her fans that :only broke people go to the gym” Listen:

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