Real Housewives Of Potomac Juan’s Sidepiece SPEAKS … Calls Out Robyn’s LIES!! (Pics Of The Girl)

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Last week, newly married Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon revealed that her husband Juan had been carrying on a side relationship with a young woman.

Now the woman is speaking out – in a new interview, and she is calling Robyn a liar.

As Media Take Out reported, Robyn admits that Juan met up with the alleged sidepiece in Maryland, and paid for her to stay in a hotel room. But Robyn claims that Juan was not interested in the beautiful young woman – he just paid for the hotel because he’s a “Good Samaritan.”

Of course, Robyn’s explanation sounds ridiculous. And now the sidepiece is speaking out, and giving her side of what went down.

Here’s a summary of what the alleged side chick had to say:

  • When Robyn says that she was in town, not for Juan but to see a Baltimore Ravens player, that’s a lie.
  • Juan and her hung out
  • Juan wanted her to come and visit, earlier but they were waiting for the restrictions to be lifted from COVID
  • Juan told Robyn those lies about the hotel and him being a “Good Samaritan”
  • Juan told the sidepiece that his relationship with Robyn is just for the check and they’re faking it for the show
  • Juan respects Robyn but it’s not a loving relationship it’s more like a best buddies and co parenting situation
  • Robyn lied about the $4k zelle request because Canada doesn’t have Zelle. The sidepiece claims the lies are outrageous
  • She “hung out” with Juan but she doesn’t want to hurt Robyn and be malicious but he didn’t just get her a hotel room just to get a hotel room
  • She wants them to admit what happened and that’s that she’s not for the fake narrative

And there’s more tea. Another blogger leaked an image of a woman – who he claims is the alleged side piece.

And the blogger is claiming that Robyn gave him all the information he needed to track the girl down. According to Robyn, the alleged sidepiece commented on a blog post. The Youtuber tracked down the blog post, and located the woman who Robyn is claiming was the girl.

Here’s the blogger explaining why he believes the above woman is Juan’s alleged side piece. In the video, he leaks a pic of the girl – who looks like a younger version of Robyn:

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