Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills DRAMA .. Between Garcelle & Lisa Rinna!! (Spoilers)

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Media Take Out got some pretty exclusive tea from the set of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, which was filmed last week, regarding our faves of the bunch Garcelle and her frenemy Lisa Rinna.

A pretty big reveal came out at the reunion. Last week, Erika, Garcelle’s enemy, posted a picture of Garcelle’s book in the garbage to her Instagram stories. At the time, it was believed that Erika threw Garcelle’s book in the trash. Here’s a screenshot which showed Garcelle’s book in the garbage:

But it wasn’t Erika who tossed Garcelle’s book away, it was Garcelle’s “friend” Lisa Rinna.

Media Take Out did a bit of research and if you look at the patio deck where the garbage can was located, is wide plank white wood. That’s exactly the same wood that Lisa has on her patio:

And during the reunion Lissa ADMITTED TO IT, Media Take Out confirmed. According to Lisa, she was upset Garcelle put Lisa’s daughter Amelia in her book.

Lisa told Andy that she and Garcelle had a handshake agreement not to bring up each other’s kids and Lisa felt Garcelle violated. As a result, Lisa tossed the book in the trash and sent the pic to Erika and a few months later Erika posted it on her story.

Lisa never confronted Garcelle about the misunderstanding – until the reunion, and there were FIREWORKS.

Andy basically hinted at this reveal on his Instagram story when he wrote “Mystery Solved” one day after the reunion.

Garcelle and Lisa struck up an unlikely alliance on social media last week, after Garcelle took to Twitter to defend her teenage son Jax, who was targeted by online trolls — more specifically, “middle aged women spamming me with racist and crude comments about my family,” Jax said in a statement on Wednesday.

The saga played out amid Garcelle’s onscreen drama with co-stars Erika Jayne and Diana Jenkins, Lisa’s friends who Beauvais has clashed with on their Bravo reality series.

“I’m usually a very strong woman I’ve been raised to be strong my life has taught me to be strong but when it comes to my kids! It hurts it’s not OK,” Beauvais tweeted. “I’ve been in tears all night”

“[I]t’s just a TV show people scream at your TV throw something at your TV but leave our kids alone,” she added.

Lisa Rinna

Jax shared some of the hurtful responses he received on a recent Instagram photo, imploring the commenters to “leave me alone please” because he’s only 14 years old. Many of the horrible messages focused on his older brother Oliver’s struggle with addiction.

Lisa showed her support for Beauvais on her Instagram Story, arguing that the cyberbullying attacks on their children cross the line.

“We are doing a tv show. We try to entertain you—why can’t you treat it like wrestling for gods sakes love us —love to hate us,” Rinna wrote Tuesday in an Instagram Story. “But leave the kids alone!”

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