Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Falynn Pina Broke Up w/ The Man She ‘Cheated’ On Her Husband WITH!!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Falynn Pina announced that she split with her latest baby’s father, Jaylan Banks. Falynn and Jaylan’s relationship was a key storyline on the Bravo series – after her ex-husband Simon accused Falynn of cheating on him with Jaylin.

After the two split, Simon subsequently began dating Porsha, and the two eventually married.

Before getting together with Simon’s ex, Falynn employed Jaylan as her “assistant.” At some point during his employment, the two sparked up a relationship. According to Simon, Falynn was cheating on him with Jaylan during their marriage – and that caused the couple to split.

Falynn has denied Simon’s allegations.

But Simon seemed to have moved on (to Porsha) and the two are now living happily ever after. Falynn …. not so much.

As Media Take Out reported, shortly after divorcing Simon, Falynn and Jaylan got pregnant and welcomed a child into the world. It was Falynn’s fourth child – by four different babies fathers. She and Simon did not have any children.

Falynn and Jaylan began have been having financial trouble shortly after her divorce was finalized, Media Take Out has learned. When Falynn was married to Simon, the wealthy African businessman took very good care of her and her children. He lavished her with gifts, and they lived in a $7M mansion – and drove expensive sports cars.

But Jaylan didn’t have quite the same means as Simon. After the divorce, Jaylan and Falynn were struggling to make ends meet – and eventually it took a toll on the relationship.

Falynn officially announced yesterday on IG Live that she and Jaylan are now separated.

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