Real Housewives’ Garcelle Beauvais: I Was Will Smith’s Side Chick While He Was With JADA!!

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Real Housewives’ Garcelle Beauvais has starred in dozens of films and television shows throughout her career. But the gorgeous actress turned reality star is arguably most well-known for her role as “Fancy” on the classic comedy series, The Jamie Foxx Show.

Garcelle has a career that has stretched decades and when she first jumped into acting, she was working as a model in New York City. The now-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wrote a memoir detailing her life and interactions in the industry, and Garcelle had a bunch of juicy stories to share with the public.

Now, Garcelle had previously stated that she dated Will Smith prior to his marriage.

But In her new book Love Me As I Am, she added a bit more tea spilling. Garcelle claims that she ended the relationship with Will when she called his home and could hear his then-young son Trey ask, “Is that miss Jada?”

She implied further that Will was with Jada – while dating her.

The actress/reality star also shared a story about curving Michael Jordan many years ago.

Garcelle wrote that she was hired to pose with Michael Jordan in a photoshoot and claimed that prior to booking the gig, she wasn’t familiar with the Chicago Bulls star.

“I was impressed by how tall and handsome he was,” she wrote. “He took me on a golf date after the shoot and showed me how to hold a club properly and swing.” It’s unclear how many dates they went on in total, but Beauvais admitted to cutting things off after Jordan invited her for a romantic trip to Hawaii.

“Like a naive little girl, I was ‘clutching my pearls’ and shocked by the idea of going to Hawaii with a man I had just met,” she added. “I blew that one!”

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