Real Boston Richey Denies His New GF Is A TEENAGER!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper real Boston Richey hopped online to shoot down rumors that his girlfriend is a teenager.

The rapper was labeled as a p-dophile by some fans after a Twitter user posted a picture of the rapper with Tatiana Chanell and wrote alongside it, “boston richey is 26 YEARS OLD that girl literally just turned 18???????????”

The social media user added, “And he’s been f-cking with her way before she even turned legal so yes he’s a p-dophile, she’s literally nearly a decade younger than him what.”

The social media user is rumored to be Richey’s ex.

Richey hopped on livestream “Bro she 18?” he said to the camera with his arm around Tatiana. “This girl 23.”

Last year, the rapper made headlines after rumors surfaced that he snitched back in 2013.

“My numbers up. I ain’t gon’ say all publicity is good publicity, but it’s just like sh-t, this just what come with it. A n-gga can’t be no great if [the people] can’t recall you going through a certain situation,” he said at the time, adding that it had affected his relationship with Future, who he was on tour with at the time.

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