R&B Singer Fantasia: I WENT BROKE TWICE … And I’m Just Getting Back On Her Feet!

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Celebrities aren’t as rich as you may think, according to R&B singer Fantasia. The beautiful and talented singer told an interviewer recently that she lost ALL HER MONEY … TWICE!!

Media Take Out learned that in a recent interview, the singer explained that she spent up all the money she made from American Idol, and from her early music success. Listen:

Fantasia Barrino went from a girl from High Point, NC, to America’s Idol when she won the popular competition show, signed a record deal that would put forth many albums with Simon Cowell and Clive Davis at the helm, a best selling book, a movie on her life, and then some. But with all the highs that came, who would’ve thought that there would be a lot of lows that came along with the fame.

in 2010, fans were rocked with news that Fantasia attempted to take her own life.

Her life fell apart when she became involved with Antwaun Cook, a married man, and she began to live in the headlines for the affair (which she claimed to believe they were separated), she overdosed on aspirin and sleeping pills. “I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle,” the singer revealed. “I knew exactly what I was doing. You can’t accidentally take a whole bottle of pills.”

Thankfully she survived and shared with The Real that the attempt had little to do with Cook, and more to do with “quieting the noise in her life”, but that if she had one regret, it was that moment. “When I tried to just get away from the world, some will say commit suicide,” she explained. “I didn’t think it was me trying to kill myself. I just wanted to be away from all the noise. If I could do that over, I would. I would change that.”

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