Raz B Threatens Ray J: I Gotta Catch This Fade!!

Raz-B wants to catch the fade with Ray J after a video of them shoving each other went viral on social media. After both parties said that the scuffle “wasn’t a big deal” Raz B seemingly changed his mind and challenged Ray J to some real smoke.

“You can never beat me! Brandys brother!” he wrote alongside a video of him boxing. “Ima f-ck you up @rayj Don’t be trying to bully me Having @wack100 call my phone.”

He then posted several more videos challenging Ray J:

“I woke up this morning stressed than a muthaf-cka. I’m getting calls from Wack 100, n-ggas is questioning my manhood, talking about Ray J faded me. Listen, Ray, you my brother, I respect you, we business partners. But guess what? I gotta catch this muthaf-ckin fade, n-gga. Real talk,” he yelled.

“I don’t give a f-ck if two people show up, n-gga. Sh-t, it may be a thousand people if you get your sister to sing the national anthem. You always gonna be Brandy’s little brother, n-gga”

He continued: “I stand alone, n-gga! You need the streets to fight your battles, n-gga?!”

Y’all think Raz B can take Ray J?

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