Raz B of B2K Says Most women prefer A**l S*x, Explains How He Enjoys Getting His Groceries ATE

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Raz B of the 2000s group B2K has some unusual advice to men. According to the former boy band member, he claims that women prefer a**l s** to all other forms.

Yeah … um.

In a very graphic interview, Raz claims that all women “prefer” that type of activity. He says that women “pretend” to prefer straight s**, but they’ll tell men about their true preferences when they get comfortable with a man.

Raz then went on to explain his crazy love life, which includes thre**somes with other men, and how he LOVES to get his salad tossed.


Raz B is a singer and actor, who was a founding member of R&B boy band B2K.

During his time in the group, B2K released their album, Pandemonium!, and performed on an accompanying tour. The group’s first feature film, You Got Served, was released in 2004, shortly before they announced their break-up.

Distributed through his own production company, RazBeatz Entertainment, Raz released his first single, Fire, in May 2007. Fire officially debuted on the Billboard charts (the week of 5/12/07). Landing a spot on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart and debuting at #2, it also hit the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart at #2. There was no promotion behind the single as it debuted, because Raz B was pushing his music on an independent level.

On August 19, 2013, during a performance in Zhejiang province, Raz B tried to stop a fight in the audience and was hit in the face with a glass bottle. Initial reports were that he had fallen into a coma, but subsequent reports were that this was misinformation, labelled as a hoax, and that he would make a full recovery.

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