Raz B Claims He Orchestrated Lil Fizz’s Apology To Omarion

Lil Fizz and Omarion fell out after Fizz started seeing O’s baby mama, Apryl Jones. Omarion and Apryl had two children together.

A while later, Fizz apologized to Omarion on stage…and Raz B claims he made it happen.

“I feel like accepting accountability, if you really feel deep down inside that you should say sorry or that you should apologize because you feel like you dragged your boy, you did something, then that’s a noble thing to do. That’s some grown man sh-t right there. That’s some growth right there,” Raz told DJ Vlad.

He shot down rumors that it was all staged and was ingenuine.

“I know that was real. Some people question was that for real, like I sincerely believe that it was,” he added. “Because deep down in their hearts, there’s love for each other. I remember that night, Omari was like, ‘I love you, Raz,’ you know what I’m sayin’? But like, when we got to the venue earlier, he didn’t even come out and say hi.”

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