Ray J Weighs In On Diddy Scandal

Lyndon Abioye |

Ray J is speaking on why so many celebrities have been silent after Diddy was sued by several alleged victims and his house was raided by the feds.

“I think a lot of people are just trying to understand it. Understand what is and what’s not, you know. It’s still a big question mark,” Ray J told TMZ.

Some speculate that celebs are scared to step forward and speak out. Last week, Stevie J dropped a video showing several celebrities at a Diddy party but some think the video was a veiled threat.

“So was this all the ppl that have stayed silent? Yall made sure to show their faces lol,” one viewer wrote.

Another added, “I see you Stevie J…. Bribery on social media always pays the rent!!!”

It is being reported that the feds will be announcing indictments any day now, but they have not stated what the charges will be or who is facing them.

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