Ray J SPEAKS . . . Claims Kim Kardashian & His Jenner Are LIARS . . . Exploring Possible LAWSUIT!!

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Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner recently won a defamation lawsuit against Blac Chyna – but she may have another one on her hands, and this time from Ray J.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Ray J, 41, told his TRUTH about what happened between himself and Kanye West – and the alleged second sex tape.

According to Ray J, he and Kanye met up last October at the Los Angeles International Airport. The meet up was shown in the Kardashians’ new Hulu show as the moment Kanye retrieved the tape for the protection of ex-wife. Ray J says that was ALL A LIE, because the tape had always been in Kim’s possession.

Ray J told the interviewer that instead of the handing over the tape which Kim, 41, already had, he gave Kanye a laptop which contained ‘intimate’ photos and texts exchanged between him and Kim. All the images and texts were from between 2006 and 2009.

Ray J explained:

‘Kim didn’t tell him, “Look I put the tape out with Ray J, it was a business deal, we both ran it together, we were business partners and we still are business partners. There’s really no problem with Ray J”.

‘Khloe, Kendall and Kylie and Kourtney – they don’t have a clue that this is a lie either.’

Ray says that he told Kanye EVERYTHING.

According to Ray J, he, Kim and Kris Jenner, 66, teamed up to release the original tape.

Ray J explained, “I gave it to him in a private terminal at the back of Los Angeles airport, in a private room where we talked for four hours. . . I gave him everything I had, I showed him everything I had – he sat on the floor and he watched everything I gave him.

‘It was everything I felt could have been looked at negatively. It was text messages with me and Kim over the years, it was a lot of different pictures we sent to each other over the years after the sex tape.

‘I was showing him these timelines and letting him know that everything that’s been said to him is not true.

Kim kardashian

‘I was thinking that he was ready to listen and understand what I’ve been trying to say. But the whole time, he wasn’t really listening to me and he was eager to get back on a plane and back to the Hulu show.’

And Ray J is claiming that he may be taking action against Kim and Kris, for the “lies” told about him in their new show.

‘All I wanted from him was for him to help me clear my name. I can’t keep being blackballed like this.’

He added: ‘It defames my character so much for a dude to come and get a laptop that I gave him and specifically told him do not tell anybody we even met because I’m genuinely giving you this laptop to make you feel better, father to father.

‘I don’t want any money from you, if you want to talk for four hours with me and explain all your issues… I was there to listen.

Kanye West

‘I thought that we had a good moment at that one time. I felt like we could build from this and I told Kanye exactly how all of this happened.

‘But it totally went in one ear and out the other.’

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