Ray J Says 50 Cent Once ‘Took A Dump’ During A Meeting

Lyndon Abioye |

Ray J recalled a hilarious story about a time 50 Cent went to the bathroom in the middle of a pitch meeting.

“I had multiple conversations with 50. One conversation me and Jackie [Long] had with 50, 50 was moving around. I don’t know if he didn’t like our idea, or he liked it and he was just like, ‘I gotta it in before I get on the plane.’ Fif, don’t be mad at me, but Fif just took a sh-t in our meeting,” he told The Breakfast Club.

“We on FaceTime, Jackie Long set it up, and 50 took a dump on the meeting that I had when I was in a pitch. He went in and just did it. I don’t know if he liked the idea, like the idea was wack and just sh-tted on it. It could have been, ‘We fam, these my boys, let me go take a dump real quick and then let me listen to the meeting,’ or it was just like, ‘I’m a just dump.'”

Ray J did not take offense, adding that he thought the move was “gangsta.” He didn’t say whether the pitch was a hit or miss.

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