Ray J Responds To Kodak Black Threats Of Violence

Lyndon Abioye |

Ray J has responded to Kodak Black’s threats to put hands on him after he showed concern for Yak after his Drink Champs interview went viral.

“Maybe it’s the new sh-t y’all on … I don’t know. It just looked like the N-gga wasn’t in their right mind. And n-ggas went left. N-ggas gone beat me up and sh-t, right? Wow,” he said on Live.

“Well let’s take the fade since you said you gonna beat me up. Only thing you can do is take the fade. What’s crazy is I feel like you gotta win the fight. At least he can train and get his body right. It’s a win-win. I’m quick to admit if a n-gga just type too fast. I didn’t go big. But f-ck him though, forreal. He want that fade, he got it. We can give all the money to a foundation. I’m an R&B singer. I’m the homie that sing, I better get my ass beat like a mf. We ain’t got no real problem anyway. To take a fade is fun. It’s all love. But he said he gone beat my little ass… calling me ‘little,’ like what n-gga? You gone stop playing?”

Was Yak wrong to threaten Ray J?

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