Ray J Celebrates Being Single!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ray J was acting up on social media and the reality star says he is going to enjoy all of the perks of being single after his estranged wife Princess Love filed for divorce.

“Now that I’m free and I can do what I want. Stop complaining. All you gonna see is p-ssy. Fuck what you talking about,” he says in the clip.

“We up. We so up we don’t give a f-ck…I’m definitely not wrong. Y’all think I’m wrong? F-ck off. You never stop this train…We too up to be glistening away. I’m free. I’m single. This what single look like, n-gga. Get used to it, ‘cus this just the start of it. You got a problem get the f-ck out my path. All you gonna see is ass and titties on my page so suck my d-ck if you got a problem. We so up, we gonna do this sh-t every day,” he added.

Princess Love is rumored to have moved on with British actor John Boyega. The pair were seen partying together at the clip.

Ray J added: “If y’all got a problem, I’m happy ya got a problem with this life, because we don’t give a fuck. We never have. We just having fun. I hope I make everybody in the world mad. So mad that they f-cking can’t take it anymore and they log off and stop following me…”

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