Ray J Apologizes To Monica For Brandy Tour Comments

Tiffany Brockworth |

After being called out for trying to pressure her into going on tour with Brandy, Ray J apologized to Monica.

“Monica, if I said anything wrong, I apologize,” he told Angela Yee.

“You are a great artist, you and Brandy have made history together. All I want to do is just kind of shake it up a little bit to get y’all together to see, that should be one of those last wave tours. Give the world what they want…a Brandy and Monica tour.”

“Brandy/Monica Tour – please let’s make history,” he posted on social media last week. “One run for the fans – 100M plus for both of you.”

Monica scolded Ray J, telling him the conversation should have first happened in private and not on a public broadcast.

“I’ve been repeatedly contacted about interviews where my name and tour possibilities are being discussed,” Monica wrote on Instagram Story, before asking the singer to keep her name out of his mouth.

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