Ray J Apologies For TERRIBLE Verzuz Performance!!

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Joe Budden called Ray J during his podcast and Ray J apologized for letting Budden and r&b fans all over the world down.

“It’s something that I didn’t have planned. I was having too much fun, and I woke up and I seen it and I was like, ‘That’s me? Like, that’s me. That’s me, man.’ And it’s continuing to go,” he said.

“The plan was for me to stand right in the middle of the stage with a mic stand like how I started. Every song I was supposed to stand there and not move anywhere. That was the whole structure of the rehearsal. I totally went off book.”

Ray J wants to put on a show to redeem himself after his failure to hit the high notes trended online.

“I owe it to the singers and the R&B cats that really do harmonies to come back and redeem myself. It don’t have to be for Verzuz. Just live anywhere, on the street, at a podcast. Because I really can go, right. But last night, you just would never know. But, I will work harder. What’s crazy is people tell me it was a successful night. But, I wanted to do something vocally that really woke people up,” he said. “I gotta make up for this one. Last night was unacceptable, vocally.”

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