Raquel Leviss Says Tom Sandoval Claimed He Didn’t Break Up With Ariana Madix Because Of her ‘Mental Health’

Lyndon Abioye |

Raquel Leviss has responded to questions from viewers wondering why Tom Sandoval didn’t just break up with Ariana Madix instead of cheating on her if he wanted to be with her.

On social media, Raquel says Tom blamed Ariana’s mental health as the reason for the delay and admits she was foolish for believing him.

However, looking back, I see I had low self-worth and Tom kept telling me he was actively breaking up with her ‘amicably’ for her ‘mental health,’ which I can now see was magical thinking,” she wrote. “He had a million and one reasons why they hadn’t broken up yet and it was easier to stay in that fantasy then to face the fact that the social anxiety and isolation was not worth it. So yes, absolutely you’re 100 [percent] right. It was MY responsibility to remove myself from that situation.”

The comments were in response to Jared B’s take on the situation.

“When Bethenny asked Rachel, ‘How real was Tom and Ariana’s relationship,’ the first thing Rachel says is that she wouldn’t have been involved with Sandoval if she knew there was longevity to Tom and Ariana’s relationship. Now, to me, this is a weird thing to admit because she’s saying she knew this wasn’t a real relationship or a relationship that had legs so that’s why she decided to participate in this affair,” Jared continued. “So at this point, Rachel, you’re looking mad crazy because whether real or not, formally, they were in a relationship, despite the circumstances.”

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