Raquel Leviss Addresses ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Repeatedly Mentioning Post-Exit

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Raquel Leviss says she never wants to return to Vanderpump Rules but is upset that she’s still being mentioned on the show even though she has walked away.

“I would like to stay away from Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately, this show is still bringing me up as a topic of discussion and as a storyline point,” she said on her podcast. “So it’s only natural for me to want to not only defend myself, but share my experience with this because there’s more to the story just than this black and white, ‘This is a villain, this is a hero, and that’s it.’ It’s way more nuanced than that.”

She continued, “I have no choice what they say about me,” she explained. “But with time, I will be removed from Vanderpump Rules. And I honestly don’t feel like I am missing the cast members of Vanderpump Rules. I think I’m sharing things honestly and being reflective of my relationships that I’ve had with certain people from more of a healed place.”

Raquel says she feels empowered having her own platform where she can defend herself and explain her side of the story.

Raquel and Tom Sandoval’s affair broke the internet last year after it was exposed. The couple split and Raquel exited the show. Tom remains on the Bravo series.

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