Rapper Xzibit Is Being Called ‘DEADBEAT Dad’ … For ONLY Paying His Ex-Wife $6K/Mth Child Support

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Rapper Xzibit is being called a “deadbeat” for only paying his ex-wife $72,000 a year (tax free) in child support, Media Take Out has learned.

Xzibit’s ex Krista went to court last week and is demanding that her $6k a month in child support be increased to around $14k.

In the new lawsuit, Krista said she has had to borrow funds from family and friends to support her and their 12-year-old son Gatlyn. According to Krista, $72,000 a year has made her “poor.”

In addition, Krista accused Xzibit of refusing to pay for her health insurance premiums over the last few months and said he also stopped paying the full amount of the minor child’s tuition.

Krista also say that Xzibit has not seen their son since October 2022.

“I believe the last time he actually saw Gatlyn was around [Xzibit’s] own birthday in September 2022. Gatlyn called [Xzibit] on Christmas and [Xzibit] refused to answer or call him back. Our son is devastated,” Krista wrote in court documents.

“Meanwhile, we see on [Xzibit’s] social media posts that he is frequently on tour in exotic countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand, only in the last few months,” the pocket watching ex wrote.

Krista is upset that her ex is “continuing to live and publicly flaunt the lifestyle of a rich and famous rap artist with a thriving cannabis business,” and not paying for their son to go to an elite Los Angeles private school.

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