Rapper Trouble KILLED Over A Woman . . . Shooter May Get Off Using The ‘CASTLE DOCTRINE’ As A Defense!!

Yesterday the world of hip hop lost another one of its brightest young stars. Rapper Trouble was shot and killed, as he visited a female friend in Atlanta, Media Take Out has learned.

But Trouble’s alleged killer may not serve anytime. Media Take Out has learned that the “Castle Doctrine,” an arcane theory may allow his killer to walk free.

Here’s what we know so far. Police believe that both the killer and Trouble were romantically involved with the same woman. There is further speculation is that the shooter and the woman actually lived together.

That second part is extremely important. Because Media Take Out confirmed that Trouble was shot and killed while inside the woman’s apartment.

Here’s an Atlanta police officer explaining what she knows about the killing:

Under the “Castle doctrine” in Georgia, Media Take Out learned that a man who gets into fight while in his home, can use force – even deadly force – against the other person who refuses to leave.

As the old saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.” When that castle comes under siege, the king has the right to protect it. As translated into the modern-day language, the Castle Doctrine holds that people may defend their homes or other property by using reasonable force. The Stand Your Ground law applies here, as well. The use of force to protect your home need not require you to leave it.

It is not necessary to believe you are in danger of death or great bodily injury, as with the self-defense statute. If you believe threats or force are necessary to prevent unlawful entry or remove a trespasser from your home, then the Castle Doctrine applies. You may also use reasonable force to defend the property in your possession or that belongs to a family member or to someone you are legally obligated to protect.

The shooter, who has been identified by police as Jamichael Jones. Atlanta police have issued a warrant for his arrest, Media Take Out has learned.

So under the Castle Doctrine, Media Take Out has learned that if Jamichael came home and caught Trouble with the woman he lived with, he could ask Trouble to leave – and if Trouble refused, he could shoot him.

Police told the media that “Trouble was visiting a female friend at the complex, and Jamichael and the female had a domestic situation.”

The woman has been identified on social media. Media Take Out however considers her to be a victim, and choosing not to release her name or photos.

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