Rapper TI’s Son King FIGHT HIM & Wife Tiny … Over King Saying He’s ‘FROM THE HOOD’!

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TI and his loving wife Tiny got into a little scrap at yesterday’s Atlanta Falcons football game – with their son King Harris. And the whole thing was unfortunate.

Now before we go further we have to tell you that we know BOTH Tiny and TI, and we can tell you that they are the most loving and caring parents that we’ve come across in the entire entertainment industry. Everything they do is for their children, and each other.

We’re praying for TI and Tiny, and the entire family.

Now onto the tea. Yesterday TI and Tiny were invited to attend the Atlanta Falcon’s game, and they decided to bring family and friends to the event, including their son King.

After the game was over, TI – who is now dabbling in stand up comedy – began joking about his son King, growing up with a “silver spoon” in his mouth.

That joke triggered King, who is 19 years old, and the teenager started arguing with his father. TI stayed calm but remained firm with the young man.

King continued to become more agitated, and at one point lashed out – and inadvertently pushed his mother Tiny.

That was all TI could take, and he immediately grabbed his son and restrained him in a headlock. Eventually everyone calmed down, and the family went home together.

The entire incident was captured on IG live.

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