Rapper Symba Fires Shots At J. Cole

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Dreamville affiliate Symba went viral on social media after taking aim at rapper J. Cole in a newly released freestyle.

“I looked the devil dead in his eyes like I ain’t scared to die/ For damn sure ain’t scared to go to war with a friend of mine/ Pushing through sunset lighting up with the top down/ Barbershop convos ’bout who sit at the top now/ The Big 3 f-cked up, Cole gave up his spot now/Can’t say you top five if you scared to be hostile,” he raps over Big Sean’s “Control” instrumental.

Cole is getting dragged by the industry after he apologized to Kendrick Lamar for dissing him and his entire catalog.

Podcaster Joe Budden weighed in, sharing that now after Cole’s apology, every young rapper is going to try and come for his spot.

He continued, “I remember feeling your pain when you let Nas down/But you done let Bas down and Cozz down/ You done let the squad down/ Can’t say you the goat if you ain’t poppin ’em/We ain’t tryna hear all them apologies/ Dot told you n-ggas that he usually homeboys with who he rhymin’ with/But this is Hip-Hop and you n-ggas should know what time it is.”

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