Rapper Shyne Suggests DIDDY SH*T Woman In 1996 … Possible RICO For Him & J LO!!

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Former billionaire Sean ‘Diddy” Combs is about to be in a world of trouble, and so is his former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

Rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs leaves the State Supreme Court in Manhattan 14 March 2001 after the jury failed to come to a decision in Combs’ trial stemming from a shooting at a New York City nightclub in December 1999. Combs faces a possible 15 years in prison on weapons and bribery charges. AFP PHOTO Matt CAMPBELL (Photo by MATT CAMPBELL / AFP) (Photo by MATT CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images)

As Media Take Out reported, Natania Reuben, the victim of the December 27th, 1999, New York nightclub shooting that involved Diddy and Shyne, has been telling any and everyone that it was Diddy shot her in the face, not Shyne.

And now Shyne appears to confirm Natalia’s account of what happened that night.

If true Diddy and his then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez may face RICO charges, connected with the sh**ting.

Sean “Puffy” Combs & Jennifer Lopez during The 42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Arista Records Pre-GRAMMY Party at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Diddy was acquitted of State charges in the sh**ting by a New York jury. And any federal charges would seemingly be precluded because of the Statute of limitation on felonies, which is generally 5 years.

But Natalia is claiming that for many years after the shooting – and up until today – Diddy has been conspiring to terrorize and harass her.

Benjamin Brafman & Johnnie Cochran (lawyers) during Sean “Puffy” Combs Trial at Courthouse in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by RJ Capak/WireImage)

Media Take Out confirmed that Natalia recently went on social media yesterday, when details of a lawsuit against Diddy were revealed. Producer Lil Rod is suing Diddy claiming that he abused him.

In the lawsuit, Lil Rod claims – among other things – that Diddy admitted to him that he, and not Shyne, was responsible for sh**ting Natalia in the face in 1999. Rapper Shyne was convicted of the sh**ting.

Now Shyne is coming out and suggesting that it was Diddy, and not him. Look:


Shyne Barrow denies he was the one who shot Natania Reuben in the face. He confirmed it was Diddy by saying he was the fall guy. Shyne is running for office in Belize and stated his opponents are using the 1999 club incident against him. What are your thoughts about Shyne admitting that he was the “fall guy”? #shyne #Diddy #survivingdiddy #nataniareuben #celebritynews #seancombs #fyp

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So how can Diddy be prosecuted for this crime, more than 25 years later. Well the Federal RICO statute claims that the statute of limitions doesn’t run out so long as a person conspires to commit a crime, or cover it up.

And Natalia claims that Diddy is continuing to conspire to harass her.

According to Natalia, Diddy pulled a g*n and sh*t her in the face at point blank range in 1998. Diddy then allegedly “paid off” the club to destroy video evidence. She also claims that Daddy paid people to lie on the stand over the incident.

And she says that Diddy has continued to harass her and intimidate her for all these years, potentially continuing the conspiracy.

If Diddy were to be prosecuted under the federal RICO law, all persons involved in the conspiracy – who helped lie, cover up facts, etc – could also still face legal consequences. Including the possibility of Diddy’s then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, who was interviewed by police at the time.

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