Rapper Shy Glizzy Accused Of S**ually Assaulting White Woman … Hear Her Story!!

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Hip hop star Shy Glizzy is being accused of pulling a Bill Cosby on a popular Blonde Instagram model. And now Media Take Out has learned that the model may be looking to press criminal charges against him.

Sky Bri, an Instagram model with more than 1 million followers claims that the rapper gave her some type of drug … and then when she passed out. Sky claims that the rapper exposed himself and tried to force himself on her, Media Take Out has learned.

The Instagram model explained in a new interview that Glizzy hired her to star in the music video for his hit song “White Girl.” The model claim that she was paid for her appearance.

Sky claims that Glizz was constantly, “flirting with her and pulling her to the side to talk to her.” Sky claims that she rebuffed the rapper’s advances. She told the interviewer that she’s not into the rapper because “He’s like 5 foot four [inches tall].”

But when the music video was over, that’s when things allegedly went awry, according to the blonde.

“He cornered me in the kitchen, and convinced me to do this pill and I don’t know what the pill was,” the blonde alleges.

She continues, “So I took it and he pulls me into the bedroom and [exposes himself] and says suck it, and I said no. He then says ‘lick it’ and I said ‘no.'”

Listen to her story:

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